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July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014

SUNY Delhi Sends "Hope for Haiti" $5,000.00 to rebuild a school

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A group of over 60 students came to a meeting in Janury 2010, to discuss how they could help the Haitians and what they wanted their efforts to go towards.  The decision to raise money to help rebuild a school was an easy one, and the talent show, "olympic games", movie, pins, ribbons and bracelets as well as a pancake breakfast and competitions between residence halls made the effort joyful.  We celebrated our success with a gathering to video our message to the folks in Haiti.

Project Dates: Friday, Jan 29, 2010 to Thursday, Apr 22, 2010

Haiti Assistance
Location of Project:
SUNY Delhi and community
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SUNY Delhi
2 Main Street
Delhi, NY 13753
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Elizabeth Sova
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College, Graduate School or University
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