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July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014

Environmental Auditing - William Jewell College

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Consulting work, partnered with Sam'sClub, with The Residence Inn/Marriott Hotel on the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri and the Golden Ox restaurant in Gladstone, Missouri resulted in a plan to use environmental strategies to create economic opportunity.   William Jewell College SIFE exchanged more than 600 light bulbs with CFL's in all 106 guest rooms of the hotel resulting in a 73% carbon emissions savings each month, a cost savings of over $1,200 per month for the hotel, and environmental education for over 2,600 guests in the first month alone.  Similar results are being counted at the Golden Ox restaurant. 

Recommendations to pursue special environmental certifications are being acted on, and plans are in the works for future projects to be done at these locations, including the addition of motion sensors in each hotel room.  A third partnership with the City of Gladstone has been formed with plans to audit and make environmental changes to their fire station, animal shelter, and parks and recreation building, affecting over 27,000 citizens.  Moreover, Jewell SIFE has plans to approach the Hotel Association of Greater Kansas City to implement these measures in numerous hotels and motels throughout the metro area. 

With media coverage by two local stations (NBC 41 and FOX 4), our message has reached 2,496,677 persons.

Project Dates: Monday, Dec 1, 2008 to Tuesday, Jun 30, 2009

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Kansas City, Missouri and Gladstone, Missouri
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William Jewell College Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE)
500 College Hill
Box 1107
Liberty, MO 64068
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Dr. Neil R. Nicholson
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College, Graduate School or University
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