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The Manute Bol School Project - Building a school for the children in Turalei, Sudan - St.Pius X High School

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Over two generations of Southern Sudanese have had no education due to the devastations of war and genocide, and 85 percent of the population is illiterate. With the largest displaced population in the world and little infrastructure in place, the most valuable gift we can give to the people of South Sudan is education. 


At the beginning of this project over 300 students learned under a tree, and during the rainy season that lasts from May through October, there is no school. Manute Bol, former NBA player, has promised to build a primary school in his home village of Turalei. As a sign of reconciliation for all Sudan, Manute's school will welcome both Darfurian children as well as Southern Sudanese children. Manute Bol has given most of his NBA earnings to help the people of Turalei.


The St. Pius X High School Letters of Compassion Group was founded in the fall of 2006.  It was through concerns regarding genocide, world poverty, and suffering that led to the formation of L.O.C.  It is with these concerns and beliefs that they continue on today.  Writing letters to influential leaders throughout the world in hopes of spreading awareness regarding social injustice is the L.O.C. goal. 

The 2009-10 Letters of Compassion Group is comprised of three founding -four year members, Co-Presidents Mallory and Meredith O'Malley and Officer Stephanie Mueller.  The group currently has 7 active members – Katie Walkley, Melissa Gaul, Cody Kaspzyk, and Paige Gorman.  With the support of their faculty advisor, Mr. Ron Scrogham and the entire St. Pius X High School community, the group has raised over $12,000 in just over a year for The Manute Bol School Project (which needs a total of $150,000 to build the primary school for the children in Turalei Sudan).  The following list of fundraisers are a true testament to the hard work of the L.O.C. students and the St. Pius X High School community and reflects their desire to truly help the children in Africa.
1.  September 11, 2008 - Jeans Day - $830.00
2.  October 2008 - Set up online donation website - $803.00
3.  November 11, 2008 - Barnes and Noble Book Fair Partnership -$236.65
4.  November 2008- Sold Roaster's Joe's coffee - $255.00
5.  December 12, 2008 - Mallory and Meredith O'Malley Spoke about "Service before Self", their experiences at the 2008 Rotary Youth Leadership Academy, and The Manute Bol School Project at the Plaza Rotary Club meeting held at the International Hotel on the Plaza to approximately 50 businessmen and received a donation for the Manute Bol School Project - $205.00
6.  December 2008- The SPX Student Council sold candy cane grams - $400.00
7.  January 2009- Donations sent to Sudan Sunrise in St. Pius X High Schools name - $318.35
8.  March 7, 2009 - Spring Bazaar and Craft Sale - $4428.72.
9.  March 10 – 19, 2009 - Student Raffle during the 9 days of Novena's to St. Joseph and March 26th Jeans Day – Combined total $1,219.00

10.  March 21, 2009 - Barnes and Noble Book Fair Partnership – $196.50

11.  April 21 – September 2009 TRUE HERO CONTEST WINNER - $1,000.00                                              

12.  September 2009 - St. Pius X High School - Jeans Day - $1,000+

13.  November 2009 - Barnes and Noble Book Fair Partnership - $TBA

14.  March 2010 - St. Pius X High School Student Auction - $TBA


Construction began in January 2009 on the school for the 300+ children that learn from under a tree in Turalei, Sudan with the first purchase of a new brick press. Three classrooms were completed in Turalei in May 2009.  An opening ceremony was held in June.   Reverend Pritchard told the children of Turalei, "You are not alone, the students at St. Pius X High School are working to help you."  Currently, about 230 students are attending classes inside this building.  Classes of 120 students are still meeting outside under trees until more classrooms are constructed.  


When asked the reason why the SPX students are energized to see this project through, Mallory O'Malley, commented, "There is one reason that truly stands out, five days a week we are able to attend a school with four walls and a roof, we are able to learn in a safe and comfortable environment, we are offered endless amounts of opportunities to insure us bright futures, in Turalei, however, this is unfortunately not the case."


"Because we believe that education is the key to a prosperous and peaceful future this is the most meaningful gift that we can possibly help give to the children in the village of Turalei," stated Meredith O'Malley.












Project Dates: Thursday, Sep 11, 2008 to Sunday, May 1, 2011

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Turalei, Sudan
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St. Pius X High School
Ron Scrogham
1500 NE 42nd Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64119
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Mr. Ron Scrogham
816-453-3450 , ext 253
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High School
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